Sports conferences can be held for many reasons, each of them interesting and that itself is definitively going to attract the attention of a particular audience. The most captivating and lasting in the minds of the attendees are those that have been planned in advance, seriousness and detail, and while this may seem an arduous task and very difficult to achieve, it is possible using appropriate strategies. 

Before the event:

You need to keep in mind the specific audience to which you will be addressing your conference. Are they teenagers, whole families, older adults? It may seem like something small, but knowing this will help you determine many things, such as what snacks you will offer, what sponsorships you might want to accept, and even the tone that will be used at the conference.

You must reserve ahead of time the place where you are going to hold your conference because otherwise it may get occupied and you may have to delay your event — and at the end, everything comes out disorganized … and that’s the last thing you want! Some conference venues in Hobart always try to offer some flexibility with the final date of the event; as long as you have made a reservation beforehand.

You have to keep in mind who you want in your sports brand conference. This time we are not talking about the public, but about presenters, athletes, personalities, teams, brands and so on. You must contact the people, brands, and companies in question within the time frame, because remember that, if you don’t do it, they can get busy with other projects and therefore they won’t be able to come to your event.

Structure what the sports conference will be like, write down what is going to happen, in what order, and how long will each thing take. Take note of the venue that you are in. If you happen to hold the conference at a luxurious hotel lobby such as the architectural gem that this art hotel in Hobart has, you want to make full use of the vicinity and possible additional facilities it has to offer. This is extremely important, because you may prepare everything very well, but if at the time of the event there is not a good organization in terms of structure and time, your conference will probably not be a success and no one will want to return to any event that you do, regardless of the cause.

Define the ways you will use to advertise your event (digital or traditional), and either hire someone to design an advertising plan or do it yourself. If you are going to give a few words or be one of the speakers, make a script of what you are going to say and practice it several times, always trying to say it as naturally as possible.

During the event:

At this point, all attendees and presenters should be present, and everything should be arranged or, at least, most things. It’s usually difficult (if not impossible) for everything to be perfect, so don’t worry about one thing or another that doesn’t turn out the way you expected. However, always try to stick to your planning as much as you can, stay calm and constantly make sure that everything is going well, and that the next speakers or presenters are prepared. Remember to thank the present audience and credit those who deserve it. That strengthens relationships and makes you look more human. 

Encourage attendees to take photos, comment and express their opinions of the event on social media, creating a specific Hashtag. An idea is to get a photographer on site and compile the photos into your cloud computing platform, which can then be shared to your guests. This will bring out your visibility and publicity, and with it, the attendees will feel important and taken into account.

After the event:

Your cleaning crew (and/or you) should clean up the site and return the facilities in as good a condition as they found them. This will give you an excellent image and will benefit you a lot in the future.

Send emails or make phone calls thanking everyone who attended your event. You can also ask them what they thought if they think there is something that can be improved, and that way you learn and grow in your professional environment, and they feel listened to and valued!

Share on social media how the event went, post photos and videos, and even share some of those posted by attendees. Share your success with the world, so that even more people will go to the next one!

Pros and cons of having an event in a sports stadium

Holding events in sports stadiums can turn it into a unique activity, an unforgettable experience. Let’s not forget that these places are ample, so you will have more than enough space to hold events of various kinds and with the number of guests you want! Although it is not always the season for one sport or another, any sports stadium is always ready for events to take place in them with the best preparations, organization, and success.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of doing an event in a sports stadium, so that you can consider if it is the best option for you:


  • Sports stadiums are spacious, so you can probably hold any event you want and without problems related to the space or comfort of your guests.
  • In sports stadiums, there are several areas, and many have auditoriums, which is the ideal space for presentations, conferences, talks, courses or workshops. These sites have excellent lighting, it is a wide and comfortable area, suitable for these activities.
  • Stadiums have press rooms, which, in addition to telling part of the history of the stadium and the culture of the city in which it is located, are perfect for holding press conferences or presentations.
  • Parking lots are spacious, so if you hold an event at once, your guests will be more than satisfied with where they can park, and that means you’ll have one less concern to worry about.
  • Rooms containing audio-visual equipment, which you can take advantage of at your convenience -or your brand or company-, and give an unforgettable and impressive presentation that attracts public or captivates masses! If you are using IT equipment in your venue, make sure that you employ one or two personals from an IT service company on site to assist you should a problem occurs.
  • You can have the best restaurant quality meals for a fee at your event, or you can even hire those who usually sell fast food and snacks at the games. This way you could offer snacks to your guests and also generate direct sales with this option. You can also advertise a brand with which you have associated, or simply advertise other services you offer or your brand, as you can always print napkins, glasses, plates and so on with your company logo and contact information so that more customers have your information and will in the future contact you.

The disadvantages:

  • Not all sports stadiums have an upper deck, so if it rains and you are holding your event in an exposed area, it will probably be affected. In addition to this, if you were holding an event that required a sound system, it’s possible that some devices will get wet and be damaged. For this reason, you must be careful, be cautious and always have large plastic protectors. Other venues such as the AFL corporate box allows you to enjoy being indoors with a view of the stadium, so you might want to consider that option.
  • In case it rains and the stadium where you’re doing your event doesn’t have an upper deck, it’s possible that mud will form on the floor and your guests’ clothes and shoes will get dirty. It may seem small, but many people attach great importance to their appearance at all times, so keep that in mind and think of an emergency plan in case it happens.
  • Due to the fact that sports stadiums are very crowded, popular and iconic places, it is usual that many people, companies, and brands want to make events in them constantly. For this reason, the best thing to do is to keep in mind when the next match is going to take place, and plan ahead what you want to do, so that you can reserve the place in time for your event to not be interfered with or displaced by something that gets out of your hands. It’s best to plan well in advance and reserve the stadium as early as possible.