The economy can be a complete uncertainty quite often, and when it comes to making decisions about your career, it can be quite confusing and challenging. No one can assure that particular jobs will be around forever, and while people tend to think that with a university degree they have a secure future, unfortunately this just not true. With the economy changing and the number of cranes going up all over the country, more work is opening up for our tradesmen, therefore it’s only right you should know some of the benefits of working as a tradesman.



University means you have a massive debt before you even start studying. When you start your career with an enormous debt hanging over you, it can be difficult to move on in life when it comes to the cost of living such as buying or renting a home, everyday expenses and having a family. Some degrees go for years and years depending what you choose to do so you will need to be trying to pay the debt off while working only a few shifts here and there while most of your time is taken up with studying at University. By becoming an apprentice in the tradesman industry, means you start getting paid a weekly wage while learning at the same time. You will be on a lower rate each week than when you are fully qualified, but it is a constant, reliable pay each week, which will increase each year you complete your apprenticeship. When you are no longer an apprentice and are considered a fully qualified tradesman, your salary should look pretty good. However it, of course, does depend on which trade and whether you are doing work for a commercial company or a domestic company and if you are in the union or not.



There are over 50 trades available, with choices like plumbing, electrical work, builder, carpet layer, a crane operator there are so many options to choose from.  When it comes to studying for a tradesman job they are shorter in duration and the educational costs are lower. When income potential is on your mind being a tradesman is a long-term benefit to you. There is the chance to be on average wages after the course, or you can branch out and open your own business working as a self-employed tradesman. This type of skilled workers still sees an increase for work even within the economy declines. If you have already started your apprenticeship or are a year or so into it and you want to relocate towns you can always start a new job from the stage you are already up to so you won’t need to start the apprenticeship again if you are staying in the same field.



A significant benefit of becoming a tradesman is that jobs in the tradesman industry are always in demand all over the world. So there is plenty of work for everyone. Let’s face it we may one day not need bloggers anymore or may not need newspaper writers, but as long as we have a supply of water, we will always need plumbers, and as long as we have electricity, we will still need electricians and as long as big job sites keep popping up, we will always need crane hire companies. The world is growing, and with that people need places to live, builders will always be required to build everyone homes, sheds and other building work around your home and business


Disconnecting from technology

These days everyone is consumed by technology. Being a tradesman means you still get to work with your hands and see for yourself the creations you are making. This cannot be achieved by using computers and devices. Becoming a tradesman is a chance for you to unplug from technology, so your body always feels refreshed, you sleep better, and your mind is always ready.

Skill trade workers have the skills and advantages like job security, decent pay and the variety of jobs available.