In order for employees to do their jobs properly it is important for leaders to have priorities in place and that needs to include the staff in their team and takes employment support into consideration. The employees are the greatest asset of any company and managers should definitely know this, make sure staff morale is high! The leaders and managers need to know as much as they can about each staff member and understand just how each individual contributes to the success of the business. It is not easy when it comes to getting friendly with everyone and getting to know things about them and this is especially apparent when you are dealing with a large organization.

Here are a few ways that you can get to know your employees:

Set up some games

Take an afternoon off work and break out some board games or cards. Go to a park or hire a conference room so everyone can socialize together in a more relaxed environment. You will find there will be some non-work conversations starting up and then you can take some of the interesting things everyone is telling each other and then you can incorporate them into nicknames and fun things to mention to each other. Maybe consider renting a pool table and some high-end barracuda snooker cues for your employees to get the best out of the experience. Something as fun and simple as playing a game of pool or organising a tournament with your employees can go a very long way.

Be a mentor

In order to get to know your employees better it can be a good idea to manage them like a mentor. The mentorship will allow you to have a particularly different relationship with your employees. As the employer you want the employee to view you as a leader and someone who cares about them and will be ready to support you. With your guidance they will be more inspired to share things with you. It will also help them to keep motivated.

Ask the same questions and listen carefully to the replies

Getting to know all of your employees can get harder as you go up the list. First off just start by getting to know one thing about your employees. Figure out one thing you want to know about them and ask the same question to everyone and then really pay attention to each and every answer. The question is better to not be work related as it will allow you to understand your employees on a personal level, as opposed to just a professional one.

Set up a lunch

Breaking the bread with the crew and just simply listening to the minds of the staff that are doing the bulk of your work is important to show your leadership presence. Don’t just go and order a sandwich then eat it in your office alone. Go to the café or staff room and find some people at the table and ask if you can join them for lunch. The loudest and most energetic table is a good pick as they are most likely the ones who are the influencers of the organization who would appreciate your presence. It will show all employees, even the quiet ones, that you are approachable and personable.

Hold a town hall session

Those who are the leaders should be holding regular town hall sessions or staff meetings where they can communicate their goals, strategies, visions and the plans for the company to their staff members. You need to be honest and transparent about which direction the company is heading and how it would impact the staff positively or negatively. Also ensure you give the employees the chance to raise any concerns or ask questions. This may also be an opportunity to organise some further training for both the ones that are in management (including yourself) and the rest of the team. Any opportunity for development of skills through vocational training is one you should jump on. Being able to not only grow professionally, but grow professionally as a team will bring you all closer to those central goals you are hoping to achieve.

Be vulnerable and authentic

To build the trust with your employees you need to find what drives and motivates them. You need to be authentic and not be afraid to take the risk and be vulnerable. Often leaders feel they are living two different lives one at work in their office and once when they leave the office. In order to inspire the staff to do their best work you need to be a leader with your real self. Share your story, your experience and your passion.